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Staircase Storage Solutions

When we are searching for ways to find more usable space in our homes – and let's face it, who doesn't need a little more space? - it's easy to overlook the area under the stairs.  This vaguely triangular area is often designated as a cloakroom or a place to store bulky equipment like sports gear or large toys.  But in fact, it is this irregular shape which gives the under stairs area such design potential.

In fact, in many homes the floor area under the stairs could be as large as a hallway or utility room, and the application of design principles can make that space useable.  Under stairs designs we have produced for customers in the past have included shelves, cupboards, drawers, and various other custom made storage systems.  Even more than in the case of bookcases or media units, under staircase design benefits from the bespoke approach, for two key reasons:  firstly, a made-to-measure understairs cupboard design can make full use of every last inch of space, even in homes with irregularly-shaped staircases.  Our designers have the knowledge and experience to come up with novel storage solutions for even the tightest and most awkward of spaces.

The second factor is personalisation:  when you contact our team for an in-depth understairs design consultation, we will ask you about your routine and lifestyle and present you with understairs storage design options which reflect your needs.  So, if you like outdoor activities, we can make under stairs cupboards to store all your equipment.  Or if there are musicians in the home, the space can be tailored to store the instruments and other gear when they are not in use.

Very little if any factory made furniture is designed with this area in mind.  Contact us to learn more about our under stairs interior design services.



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