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 “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

In the modern age of ebooks and hypertext, some cynics believe that books as physical objects, words printed on paper, have had their day.  For many of us though, in spite of its convenience, the intangible and transitory nature of internet-based information has only made us value real books more.  And just as real log fires and the pervasive warmth they offer are now once again the focal point of many a stylish modern home, it’s finely crafted bespoke bookcases householders often turn to endow their homes with that warm, engaging feeling which only a well-chosen personal library can be.

As cabinet makers with 15 years’ experience, DJG Furniture use the finest materials to produce beautiful custom bookcases Richmond residents will be proud of.  Contact us with your desired dimensions and choice of wood and finish, and we will set to work on a piece which will match your home decor and complement your other furniture.  Your book collection deserves a home of the finest quality, and as a bookcase designer west London based DJG Furniture are the company to create it.

Custom Bookcases Near Me

If you’re searching for a local cabinet maker who offers bespoke bedrooms, bathrooms, and other items, you’ve come to the right place.  We make made-to-measure furniture of all kinds including bespoke bookcases homes will be proud of.

Reading information online can be like reading a newspaper – as soon as you take it in, it’s gone to be replaced by something else.  Books, on the other hand, have a permanence to them, and our handcrafted bookcases make the perfect home for reference works and novels alike.

To find out more about custom bookcases for and London customers can get in touch with us today.


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