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Bespoke Media Units

How can contemporary media wall units and floor units transform your home?

Most living rooms and lounge spaces in modern homes are centred around the television.  The position of the screen dictates the orientation of the seating and the positions of other furniture in the room.  And in many cases, the TV corner is also home to set top boxes, games consoles, sound systems, and other peripheral devices.  Since these media devices are the focal point of the room, careful consideration must be given to how they are presented.

Alongside a vast range of other living room furniture, we manufacture contemporary TV media units designed to effectively enclose and display any electronic entertainment setup.  While there are mass-produced products which fulfil a similar purpose, we believe bespoke media units are the best solution as they are designed specifically for your individual needs.  The goal of contemporary media units is to display your entertainment hardware to best effect, while concealing any unsightly wiring and supports.  After all, most of us will spend several hours per week looking in the direction of our bespoke TV media units, so it’s worth making sure they compliment the appearance of the room.

Given the purpose of TV media units contemporary styles often work best.  However, as with all the bespoke furniture available from DJG, if you want a more traditional look to blend in with the rest of your home, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.  Do you have a wall-mounted entertainment system?  No problem!  We can create bespoke media wall units which work in just the same way as our floor furniture.  With our contemporary media units London living rooms and bedrooms will be transformed!

To find out more about our bespoke media units London residents should get in touch with DJG Furniture today.