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Made to Measure Bathroom Furniture

For many years, the majority of bathrooms installed in British homes have been mass-produced suites which are purchased as a set from the supplier and installed together.  At DJG, we believe this practice is causing many householders to settle for less than what they expect in terms of bathroom layout and decor.  We aim to supply our customers with made to measure bathroom furniture and bespoke bathroom joinery which will stand out as unique in the home and will compliment their lifestyles.

Installing a matching bathroom suite may seem like a sound move, but the chances are you are missing out in several ways.  Firstly, such bathroom sets are designed to fit a bathroom of average shape and size, but unless your room conforms to these exact dimensions (and few do!), you will either end up with a cramped layout, or wasted space which could have made the room more comfortable.  In contrast, made to measure bathroom furniture is purpose built to fill all the gaps and provide maximum functionality from the space available.

Another issue with factory produced bathrooms is that they are designed without reference to your personal needs or sense of style.  Why fit your home with a bathroom set which was designed for someone else?  On the other hand, our bespoke bathroom joinery service can create facilities which reflect your tastes in colour and form, and more importantly and designed to fit the routines of you and your family.

Bespoke Vanity Units

A key element missing from many modern bathrooms, bespoke vanity units change the room from a functional place to groom and bathe into a comfortable refuge where you can pamper and treat yourself to your heart’s content.  Our made to measure vanity units can put the romance back into your daily routine.  Contact our team for more details.


Bespoke Vanity Units